I am a toddler mom with a little dream.

I sit and wonder this all the time. I aspire to be something more. I recently changed careers just to be that something more. Did I find what I was looking for? I am not really sure. I think I honestly found it. I just keep hoping I have to sink the time into and poor into it. I love the fitness world. I am truly obsessed. Ever since I pulled myself out of my diabetic, PCOS and fat lil’ shell there honestly was no turning back. At this point, I am on a mission. M I S S I O N for what you ask?

 M I S S I O N

A mission to save the world! Just kidding. Well, maybe a not exactly but if I could help a few people that would be awesome. I change my mind daily, like when the wind changes. Lately, I have been nesting because were thinking about that whole second child possibility.

That is they whole reason I changed my life to be the best possible parent. I didn’t want my son to see this person I had become this person who doesn’t take care of my body. My temple that God created for us all. I want him to see this strong woman he can look up to. That knows how to care for him and our family, who can care for him and our family.

So now for three years since the day my son has to be born I eat clean. I have lost a large amount of weight I could sit here and show you before and after pictures but it’s not about that. It’s about the goal. I really want to help others.

What is your M I S S I O N?

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